Weintraus, Inc.

Daytona Beach,  FL 
United States
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Welcome to Weintraus - Home of Precision Orbital Placement!

Weintraus’ mission is to develop a reusable and suppliable space tug (Hercules) capable of capturing, servicing, refueling, and maneuvering multiple spacecraft in orbit. Weintraus is developing the Hercules Space Tug using modular designs, advanced manufacturing, and state-of-the-art engineering practices to rapidly and affordably launch and operate this innovative space system.

Brands: Weintraus is focusing on DoD and commercial small to medium sized satellite operators in the LEO & MEO orbital locations.


  • Hercules Space Tug
    Hercules provides precision orbital placement, on-orbit refueling, and on-orbit repair services to satellite operators....

  • Weintraus offers precision orbital placement services for small spacecraft owner/operators using a reusable payload delivery system - Hercules. Offering precision orbital placement services will allow our customers to choose the most beneficial orbit for their mission, leading to decreased design costs, more capabilities, and larger revenues. 

    Weintraus' large payload capacity and reusability will allow our customers to decrease their launch wait-times, design around their orbit, launch constellations more quickly, increase their mission life, and see larger returns on their investments.

    Weintraus' second generation spacecraft (Hercules II) will have the ability to act as a space tug and capture orbiting customers with a focus on scaling up our rendezvous, propulsion, and robotics technology to full-scale orbital servicing. Here at Weintraus, we aim to provide more access to space for small spacecraft, decrease orbital debris, and extend the lives of orbiting spacecraft by offering higher orbits and specific inclination requests, as well as, offering relocation, refueling, and servicing capabilities.