Anilkumar Dave

Head of Innovation and Transfer of Technologies Unit
ASI – Italian Space Agency


Mr. Dave started his career in late 90s as Project Manager of ICT projects between Italy and India for Textile/Clothing/Fashion and Banking. After moving to European Commission R&D and Technology Transfer (TT) projects thus representing public and private bodies focusing interaction between Research and Industry (ie agro-food, ICT, manufacturing), he became “SMEs Innovation and TT policies” officer at the Institute for Industrial Promotion (aka Italian Ministry of Economic Development). The two main themes that characterized his professional life, Innovation and Internationalization led him to lead for 10 years the “Research, Technology Transfer and International projects” Unit for the largest innovation agency in Italy helping companies (mostly SMEs) being more innovative and accessing European and public funds (ca 20 M€). At present Head of “Innovation and Transfer of Technologies” Unit at the Italian Space Agency he is in charge of IP strategy, start-ups, TT from space-to-ground, Space Economy program, space ecosystem enlargement. Proud speaker at the first edition of UN "Multi-stakeholder Forum on STI for the SDGs" side-event as well as TEDx talk “Glocalism of innovation after McGyver”. Mr. Dave is a former member of EXPO WATER 2015 scientific committee and of the board of INSME (International Network for SME) and has acted in the past as Strategy Advisor for Research organizations and Fundraising Consultant in domains like hemato-oncology, micro-nano fabrication, etc.. Education in US and Italy, second generation of born-and brought-up-out-of-India, frequent traveller by passion, passionate of sports and sci-fi. May the force be with him.


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