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Softcare Studios leverages the benefits of immersive technologies and tracking in healthcare and wellbeing sectors, providing innovative digital solutions to improve the quality of life of patients during therapy and boost healthcare efficiency. Space is the next frontier of healthcare assistance and we at Softcare Studios want to bring our experience and data-driven approach to support humans in their future challenges.


    Immersive gaming experience designed to reduce clinical anxiety and pain in pediatric patients during stressful medical treatments, optimized through patients data and targeted virtual sccenarios....

  • The first product of Softcare Studios is TOMMI, a virtual reality experience provided as a videogame, designed to help pediatric patients to better cope with stressful and painful medical treatments. TOMMI is developed as a not invasive and drug-free digital alternative to reduce therapy related anxiety, stress and pain, limiting the use of sedative and painkiller drugs in children, involving also their parents in collaborative gaming sessions and facilitating the work routine of physicians during medical procedures.
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