Mike Lewis

Chief Technology Officer


As the CTO of NanoRacks, LLC, Mike oversees the technical, scientific, and engineering direction for the go-to company for commercial space needs.

Previously, as a consultant to NanoRacks he supported the areas of design, analysis, business development, and project management in order to help the company provide repeatable access to the ISS and other microgravity environment platforms for commercial and educational research projects.

Before joining NanoRacks, Mike was the lead engineer for Deep Down, Inc., a Houston-based company that fabricates subsea structures and services deepwater subsea oil operations. Prior to that, Mike comes from a background of Aerospace (Tethers Unlimited, Inc.), Electromechanical Design (ANCO Engineers, Inc.), Structural Engineering (Structural Components, LLC) and as an Adjunct Professor in Space Systems Operation Management (Webster University).


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