Tomasz Tkaczyk PhD

Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University


Tomasz Tkaczyk, PhD, specializes in the engineering of high-performance miniature optics and imaging systems for biomedical and life science applications. His projects combine advanced technologies in optics, opto-mechanics, electronics, and software design.
For two decades the Tkaczyk lab has focused on developing a wide range of imaging modalities to comprehensively detect, gage and monitor disease at varying tissue depths. These technologies are engineered for performance, portability, and cost-effectiveness to support biomedical and global health needs. Medical imaging modalities have focused on the development of integrated multimodal imaging systems, hyperspectral imaging, and micro and miniature-sized optical components, such as custom 3-D printed lenses, ultra-thin micro-optics for point-of-care diagnostics, and varying styles of objectives to guide microsurgical procedures and small-gage needle biopsies.
Tkaczyk is a fellow of the Optical Society, or OSA, (2017), and a fellow of SPIE (2015). Awards he has received for his achievements in optical engineering include: the Rice University Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering’s Medical Innovations Award (2008, 2014), a Global Health Technologies award (2008), a John S. Dunn Research Foundation award (2009), a Becton-Dickinson Professional Achievement Award by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (2010), a Paul F. Forman Engineering Excellence Award by the Optical Society (2011), and both the Norman Edmund Optics Higher Education Award and the Norman Edmund Inspiration Award (2012) from Edmund Optics Inc.


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