Jim Keravala

United States


Jim co-founder and chief executive of OffWorld (www.offworld.ai) and is leading the deployment of a machine learning industrial robotic workforce to undertake mining, manufacturing and construction on planetary surfaces and in space. OffWorld’s industrial robotic workforce forms the foundation of a solar system platform that will enable the construction of fuel depots, space based solar power stations, infrastructure and entire settlements in space.
Jim was previously Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Shackleton Energy Company, establishing a fleet of space propellant depots and reusable transport systems utilizing lunar polar water for an assured continuous supply of fuel in space, and was founder of the OffWorld Consortium (OWC) building a space based solar power station fleet and seeded by sovereign funding. Resulting from a collaboration with NASA Ames, Jim co-founded a synthetic biology program to enable over-expression of enzymes in bioleaching scenarios for terrestrial and space mining. Jim studied aerospace engineering, spacecraft engineering and physics at University of London, Surrey University, Aachen Technical University and International Space University, was previously faculty at Singularity University and has undertaken programs in artificial intelligence and business growth at MIT and Harvard. He is on advisory boards and Board of Directors of a number of space institutes including Board Member of the National Space Society, The International Moonbase Alliance and the Moon Village Association. Jim is an Academician of the International Academy of Astronautics.


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