Brien Flewelling

Chief SSA Architect
ExoAnalytic Solutions Inc.
27042 Towne Centre Dr Suite 250
Foothill Ranch,  
United States


Dr. Flewelling has over a decade of experience as a subject matter expert in space object tracking, analysis, space situational awareness, space defense, and space traffic management. He has a significant record of performance in developing algorithmic solutions for data simulation, collection, and analysis including direct support for mission personnel at national facilities dedicated to space defense. His most recent efforts include adding enhancements to commercial software solutions used for real-time analysis and reporting as well as interactive and dynamic training and exercise execution. At ExoAnalytic, he has been involved in developing solutions for use by modern analysts supporting the space domain including space traffic management, earth observing missions, and satellite servicing operations. Prior to his position at ExoAnalytic solutions, Dr. Flewelling was a national award winning research aerospace engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory - Space Vehicles directorate at Kirtland AFB, NM where he supported multiple flight experiment programs and led research advanced data collection and exploitation techniques for SSA sensors on-board spacecraft. In August of 2018, he led the SSA data focused day at the International Space Traffic Management Workshop held in Edinburgh, Scotland and participated in the Secure World Foundation dialogue on SSA for Satellite Servicing. Among his many technical interests and responsibilities within ExoAnalytic, Dr. Flewelling leads efforts to understand technical, legal, and policy challenges associated with recent developments in civil space traffic management and to communicate a commercial industry perspective to decision makers.


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