David Kring

Senior Staff Scientist


The Lunar and Planetary Institute’s David Kring has been studying Apollo samples for more than three decades, revealing details about asteroid bombardment and volcanic processes that shaped the lunar surface. He leads the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration that is helping NASA implement an architecture for long-term exploration and utilization of the lunar surface. In that context, he has trained astronauts how to work on planetary surfaces. He has also developed mission concepts for human-assisted lunar sample return missions, human exploration of the lunar surface, and helped lead simulations of lunar and near-Earth asteroid missions in analogue terrains here on Earth. In part for that work, NASA presented him with the 2018 Michael J. Wargo Award for significant contributions to the integration of exploration and planetary science. Kring is a well-known public speaker and has been actively engaged in communicating scientific issues to the public through a variety of print, radio, and television forums, including popular science books, magazine articles, and science documentaries for the Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, History Channel, PBS, Channel 4 (U.K), and NHK (Japan). The Lunar and Planetary Institute is a division of the Universities Space Research Association.


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