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Michelin to Mars

    Thursday,October 29, 2020:2:00 PM -3:00 PM


    Aaron Persad
    Mission Space Food
    Graham Greene
    Mission: Space Food
    Sachin Chopra
    Michelin-Starred Chef
    Mission: Space Food
    Shahreen Reza
    Mission: Space Food


    Mission: Space Food shares their vision for the future of eating in space. Drawing inspiration from unique nutritional needs of astronauts, virtual reality, and trigeminal nerve stimulation, Michelin-star chef Sachin Chopra demonstrates and discusses how the unique environment of space can offer new ways to connect people through food.

    The recipe we will be showcasing is a ravioli featuring three distinct ways to enhance flavor. 

    While taste is strictly confined to the sensory perceptions of the tongue and nasal passages, the full spectrum of flavor involves all of the senses. This recipe highlights three different ways to obtain flavor, in an environment where olfaction is diminished by the fluid shift of micro-gravity. 

    To achieve this, we will be harnessing various ingredients which have the ability to stimulate flavor outside of the standard taste receptors. While this recipe may sound and look modern, many of the ingredients and techniques have been around for centuries. The environment of space can force us to look at problems from a different perspective. Sezchuan peppercorns, agbayun, kokumi and trigeminal stimulation are examples of tools that can be used to build and adapt flavor, past the standard definition of taste.

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