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Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan

Human Landing System Program Manager


Lisa Watson-Morgan is program manager of the NASA Human Landing System Program at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Appointed to the position in July 2019, she oversees the integrated lunar landing systems, to include vehicles and systems that will transport astronauts to the Moon’s south pole. Working with U.S. industry, her agency-wide team will deliver a sustainable landing system to ferry crew to and from the lunar surface. The landing system is a key element of NASA’s bold new Artemis Program, which will leverage NASA’s Space Launch System and Orion crew spacecraft to return explorers to the Moon by 2024, and, via the lunar Gateway orbital platform, enable a long-term human presence there by 2026, reigniting America’s leadership in crewed exploration of the solar system and taking the next giant leap toward human exploration of Mars.


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