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Leslie Deutsch

Deputy Director of the Interplanetary Network Directorate
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Dr. Leslie J. Deutsch is the Deputy Director of the Interplanetary Network Directorate at NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory. This Directorate provides information services to spacecraft exploring the solar system and beyond. The Directorate’s facilities include NASA's Deep Space Network, the giant antennas used to communicate with these spacecraft.

Dr. Deutsch, a Mathematics graduate of Caltech, has held various positions during his years at JPL including management of several technology programs. He introduced advanced communications technology to the Galileo mission, en route to Jupiter, to compensate for the loss of its main antenna. He also was the NASA lead for the NASA/ESA team that redesigned the Huygens Probe mission to Titan to mitigate an anomaly in the Cassini relay radio system. Les was JPL's Chief Technologist for the 2002 fiscal year and developed JPL's strategy for technology development.

Along the way Dr. Deutsch has published over 60 papers in the fields of communications, microelectronics, and spacecraft systems. He also has been awarded more than 25 patents, mostly in electronic music.

Les also travels the world performing in jazz festivals and giving organ concerts. He also holds an official joint appointment at Caltech – as the Institute’s Organist.


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