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Jane Poynter

Founder, Co-CEO
Space Perspective


Jane is Founder, Co-CEO and Chief Experience Officer of Space Perspective, the spaceflight company offering millions of people the transformative experience of seeing Earth in space, and providing researchers the world’s first edge-of-space laboratory. Jane is Co-founder and founding CEO of World View Enterprises, the Silicon Valley-backed stratosphere balloon technology company with its revolutionary un-crewed Stratollite for communications and remote sensing. Formerly Chairman, Co-founder and President of Paragon Space Development Corporation, the Human Life Support Systems company with technologies on most human spacecraft today. Jane holds a patent for self-sustaining habitats flown on the Shuttle, Mir Space Station and International Space Station, which bred the first animals to reproduce in space. Member of Biosphere 2 design team and member of the original crew who lived for two years inside the sealed, self-sustaining habitat, the most advanced prototype space base ever built and operated. Her TED talk on the project has been viewed over a million times. She authored The Human Experiment: Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2.


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