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Invocon Inc.  

Conroe,  TX 
United States

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Invocon, Inc. is a veteran-owned small business whose core activities revolve around research, development, and manufacture of precision instrumentation and communication solutions for demanding applications and extreme environments. The primary focus areas are manned / unmanned space vehicles and missile / launch vehicle platforms. Solutions have included Wireless Sensors & Instrumentation, Hypervelocity Impact (HVI) detection / location / evaluation, Smart Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, Telemetry, Pyrotechnic Initiators, and Structural Components. 

Brands: Precision Instrumentation, Controls, Structural Components, Engineering Services, Research and Development

 Press Releases

  • Awarded through the Space Enterprise Consortium® (SpEC) and managed by the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) Rocket Lab at Edwards AFB, California, Invocon's Aerospike Rocket Integration and Suborbital Experiment (ARISE) will demonstrate flight in a sub-orbital flight test of a launch vehicle utilizing a single rocket engine with an annular aerospike nozzle, modular thrust cells, and modular turbomachinery. 

    The primary objective of the ARISE flight test is obtaining flight performance data for the modular aerospike engine over a range of operation representative of a launch vehicle trajectory, including open wake regime, wake transition, and closed wake regime. To achieve this objective, the Invocon Team, which includes KT Engineering and Troy 7, Inc., will produce a highly instrumented modular aerospike engine and launch vehicle and perform integration activities, execute range coordination, and conduct launch operations on a sub-orbital flight. The ARISE program is on schedule for its first flight in 2022.


  • Telemetry PCM Encoder
    iPCMe Integrated PCM Encoder - over 100 input channels, synchronous sampling, video, highly integrated configuration, small size and lightweight, robust packaging....

  • The Integrated PCM Encoder (iPCMe) provides a significant number of data channels for remote sensing and synchronous logging in a highly integrated configuration.  With over 100 channels of input in a small package, the iPCMe is designed as a low-cost solution for a broad range of telemetry applications.  Every aspect of the Encoder’s design is intended to simplify integration and survive rugged launch environments.  Robust packaging includes a rugged aluminum enclosure and DB connectors placed on top of the unit.  The single orientation for the connectors reduces integration and reconfiguration headaches associated with the complexities of routing and re-routing cables.  The common DB connectors add convenience and value by minimizing the cost and lead times associated with more exotic connectors.

    The software included with the encoder provides a simple PCM configuration tool that helps to ensure data is packed efficiently into the PCM stream.  It also provides real-time display of data as well as health and status from the unit.

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