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Kayser Space Limited  

Didcot,  Oxfordshire 
United Kingdom

Your technology partner for microgravity experiments

Kayser Space specialises in the development of payloads and systems for microgravity research and Astrobiology. We assess the feasibility of space-bound scientific experiments and design, manufacture and qualify customised hardware. Kayser Space is a Bioreactor Express partner, a commercial service to launch and operate payloads onboard the International Space Station.


Bioreactor Express


  • Bioreactor Express
    A fast-track commercial service to perform scientific and technological experiments on board the International Space Station. Several categories of experiments can be performed using available miniaturized “bioreactors" -

  • Bioreactor Express exploits the KUBIK incubator facility of the European Space Agency (ESA) which is permanently installed on the Columbus module of the ISS. With this approach several categories of experiments can be performed using available miniaturized “bioreactors” dedicated to biological, biotechnological and biochemistry experiments. A wider typology of experiments (plant physiology, food production, material science, fluid science, educational, etc.) can also be supported inside KUBIK. 

    KUBIK allows experiments to operate in the range of 6°C to 38°C, (volume of the thermal chamber about nine litres) and can accommodate up to 32 standard experiment containers (less in case of extended size containers). A centrifuge with settable gravity level between 0.2g to 2g is available inside the facility.

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