SpaceCom 2022
JANUARY 10–12, 2022
All sessions are listed in Eastern Standard Time

Barbara Kennedy

Civil and Industrial Engineer
9800 International Dr
United States


Barbara works as a Civil & Industrial Engineer at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center. Prior to NASA she spent a decade traveling and training horses for carriages, trekking, endurance racing, fox hunting, and personal use. Barbara joined the NASA Pathways program in 2016 and graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in 2018. Since working for NASA she’s contributed to the design, construction and development of sand dunes, roads, bridges, future of work programs and even launch pads. Barbara was featured in the 2019 award winning documentary Space Queens, speaks at various collegiate and professional events around the US, volunteers with International Space Settlement Design Competition, Higher Orbits, Give Local Love, and sits on the board for Women in Aviation International, Central Florida. In her free time, she can be found working on her upcoming book From Horses to Rockets, cuddling her cat Halbert, traveling the world, or hanging out with her amazing grandmother and family. She fully intends to head out into the cosmos the moment she’s offered a ride!


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