SpaceCom 2022
FEBRUARY 21-23, 2023
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The Emergence Of Cloud Infrastructure In Space

  • Room: W222B
Wednesday,February 22, 2023:3:30 PM -4:30 PM


SpaceCom | Space Congress Moderator
Dennis Gatens
CEO, Founder
LEOcloud, Inc
SpaceCom | Space Congress Speaker
Lisa Kuo
VP of Strategic Sales
SpaceCom | Space Congress Speaker
Mattias Bergström
Lead Product Architect
Internet of Everything Corp.
SpaceCom | Space Congress Speaker
Theo Laughner
Director of Engineering and Geospatial Services
Lifescale Analytics
SpaceCom | Space Congress Speaker
Tony James
Chief Architect, Science and Space
Red Hat


Space will be the next domain for cloud edge computing by bringing cloud resources and capabilities as close as possible to Space-based data sources and users, with the advantages of lower latency, greater security, and lower data transfer costs. The demand for cloud-based edge computing services in Space will be driven by numerous data fusion and R&D applications for commercial, government, and military customers. This session will explore the anticipated evolution of the cloud infrastructure in Space.

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