SpaceCom 2022
FEBRUARY 21-23, 2023
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Brienna Rommes

Director, Astronaut Training


Brienna Rommes is an accomplished Commercial Astronaut Trainer, Experience Designer, Dual-Continent Microgravity Coach, High G Instructor, Space Suit Tester, Master SCUBA Diver, Certified Fitness and Kangoo Instructor, and Human Performance specialist.

Brienna leads Orbite’s Astronaut Training and Experience Operations where she designs uniquely exquisite space training programs such as Astronaut Orientation, Suborbital Scientist Training, Orbital Crew, as well as analogue and destination (moon and Mars) space mission luxury adventure encounters. Recently, she created and instructed Orbite’s first course – Astronaut Orientation (Launched in France, August 2021) and currently working to finalize the construction plans for Orbite's new Spaceflight Gateway and Astronaut Training Campus project – which will be the first boutique commercial astronaut training resort complex aimed at safely preparing generations of explorers for off-world applications. The Orbite Campus is expected to open in 2025.

Brienna has 15+ years of commercial human spaceflight training experience, and 5+ years in ocean exploration, research, and technology. She has conducted over eight (8) dozen courses and trained over 750 future astronauts for space; including celebrities, high net worth fliers, including Virgin Galactic passengers (including Sir Richard Branson and his son Sam), Blue Origin Astronauts, and upcoming SpaceX Private Astronauts. In her previous role as the Executive Director of Space Training and Research at The NASTAR Center in Philadelphia, PA., Brienna underwent a variety of astronaut training herself and co-developed the first commercial space training programs that helped grow the company from infancy into an FAA safety approved, global center for commercial astronaut training.

Brienna has a lifelong passion for exploration, travel, and health/fitness.


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