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Boulder,  CO 
United States

Weather solutions for FAA 450 compliance & mission assurance

Radiometrics manufactures, installs and services remote sensing systems that deliver real-time wind, temperature, humidity and liquid profiles, and offers innovative Launch Weather Decision Support Solutions for both FAA 450 compliance and mission assurance. Radiometrics' 48 MHz RAPTOR® FBS-MST Radar Wind Profilerhas provides critial wind data from near surface to 20 km AGL for NASA launches at KSC. 

Radiometrics product and services include continuous, real-time atmospheric monitoring, real-timesurface weather,  lighting detection and lightning risk analysis, weather radar systems, and local high-resolution weather prediction modeling. Our unique suite of instruments and integrated solutions keep you Ahead of the Weather®.

Brands: LWDSS Launch Weather Decision Support System SkyCast wind and thermodynamic profiling system RAPTOR Radar Wind Profilers


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