SpaceCom 2022
FEBRUARY 21-23, 2023
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Orbion Space Technology

Houghton,  MI 
United States

Orbion manufactures smallsat electric propulsion solutions.

Established in 2016 in Houghton Michigan, Orbion Space Technology is an aerospace technology company that develops and manufactures revolutionary electric propulsion systems for small spacecraft based on Hall-effects technology. Because of their fuel efficiency, Orbion’s thrusters can save spacecraft operators millions of dollars in operating costs while increasing the value of the spacecraft’s data product. Electric propulsion enables new capabilities in the space domain that include orbit raising from initial deployment, lower orbits for long duration, debris avoidance maneuvers, de-orbit maneuvers, non-Keplerian orbits and even xGEO missions. The Hall-effect thruster systems by design enjoy very high efficiency, Isp, and reliability. Orbion's manufacturing process has achieved the new price points and delivery times desired by the New Space community.


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